Women's Empowerment Programme

We will focus on: - Personal empowerment - Economic empowerment - Political empowerment

Current Projects

Christian Aid - WEN
WEN Wadi el Nil CHRISTIAN AID partner Minia governate Egypt Empowering rural women entrepreneurs The objective is to socially and economically empower rural quarry workers’ wives in poor communities, to improve their living conditions and participate in decision making. Includes raising awareness on human rights and gender equality, improving economic opportunities by enhancing entrepreneurship and life skills, saving mechanisms, and and access to credit. www.christian-aid.org
CLOSED - (CAHR) University of York - Empowering Women Leaders in the Developing World
Empowering Women Leaders in the Developing World through Protective Fellowships and Online Training. A unique programme of work to support human rights defenders and social justice activists, includes a Protective Fellowship Scheme, an online training programme, short courses, and a related research agenda. It provides opportunities for training, project development, advocacy and global networking. Aims to nurture leaders [50% women], and to support organisations working on rights and empowerment. www.york.ac.uk/cahr
CLOSED - AA-KK - Peer Learning Partnership for Inclusive Development Programming
CLOSED - AfghanAid - Empowering vulnerable Afghan women
AFGHANAID Badakhstan Afghanistan Empowering vulnerable Afghan women by building leadership skills, improving economic opportunities and increasing women’s participation in Afghan society. The project -
  • Supports women to become leaders and role models within their communities
  • Increases economic opportunities and independence for vulnerable Afghan women
  • Improves long term access to nutritious food, particularly for female-headed households
The project is part of a wider women’s economic empowerment programme , funded by the DFID www.afghanaid.org.uk
CLOSED - Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center - The Community Outreach for Social Transformation (COST)
In response to human trafficking and unsafe migration trends developing in Cambodia and border countries, the COST project seeks to implement a comprehensive and sustainable program to target these critical issues. The primary aim of COST is to empower vulnerable women and girls in target area to exercise their human rights with strong social networks so that they are able to prevent themselves from the risks of Trafficking. www.cwcc.org.kh
CLOSED - Concern Universal - Promoting Entrepreneurship among marginalised women in Guinea
CONCERN UNIVERSAL Guinea W Africa Promoting Entrepreneurship among marginalised women in Guinea To economically empower poor rural women as entrepreneurs in Non Timber forest Products. www.concern-universal.org
CLOSED - Khwendo Kor - Self Help
KHWENDO KOR Khwendo Kor Peshawar, KhyberPakhtoonKwa, & FATA, Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan. To enable women to contribute to economic alternatives at household level by access and control over economic resources, by the establishment of village banking, for saving and revolving micro-loaning to women beneficiaries. Womens’ Learning Centres  provide basic literacy, training in handicrafts, tailoring, and other vocational skills, and micro credit. KK is a major contributor to the network TQK, the voice of tribal women for advocacy at provincial and FATA agency level, and are now involved in the IDP crisis. www.khwendokor.org.pk
CLOSED - SAFE - Ending FGM/C in the Loita Hills, Kenya
The goal of this three year project is to deliver the motivation and education necessary for the Maasai community of the Loita Hills to transition away from FGM/C to an Alternative Rite Of Passage (ARP). Through sustained, culturally sensitive engagement over three years, we anticipate being able to reach almost the entire community with education that promotes the abandonment of FGM/C. We believe a public declaration of abandonment event can be held in the third year of the project, at which point the whole community will commit to full abandonment of all forms of FGM/C within ten years. www.safekenya.org
CLOSED - Shanti Life - Self Sustainable Living for Vulnerable Women in India
SHANTI LIFE Gujarat India Ushkkal : A New Dawn . The journey to Self Sustainable Living for Vulnerable Women in India. To enable sustainable living for vulnerable women in villages through microfinance administered by Self Help Groups, a priority for loans for toilets and bathrooms. www.shantilife.org
CLOSED - Solar Sister- A Green Energy Revolution Powered by African Women’s Enterprise
SOLAR SISTER Tanzania Solar Sister- A Green Energy Revolution Powered by African Women’s Enterprise Tanzania To provide access to clean energy technologies in underserved communities in vulnerable environments. The project proposes to a) empower Tanzanian women through a sustainable livelihood opportunity b) address the critical energy access and climate change related challenges in Tanzania, by building out Solar Sister’s innovative last mile distribution model. www.solarsister.org
COMACO - Rural Enterprises for Women
COMACO Eastern Province Zambia Rural enterprises for Women Income-earning opportunities supported through COMACO's sales and marketing networks – the independent Its Wild Company, for gardening, fuel wood, and community sales of healthy food products, increased annual income and resilience to climate change www.itswild.org
SAFE - Kenya
Send A Cow - Petauke Women’s Project.
Sisters For Change - Empowering Indonesian Women Domestic Workers