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Medical help in the Syrian Refugee Camps in countries neighbouring Syria – Jordan, Lebanon.
MSF is able to continue limited medical facilities inside Syria and support directly more than 150 medical facilities. But large swathes of the country are out of reach. In the face of this crisis, the previously functioning health system has collapsed and scores of thousands of medical staff have fled. Many others inside the country have been targeted for their work. There are massive unmet needs, millions of frightened and vulnerable people, and a dreadfully restricted aid response. Despite the extremely challenging security context—five MSF staff were abducted in early 2014, and subsequently released—MSF continues to operate medical facilities inside Syria,as well as supporting directly more than 100 clinics, health posts, and field hospitals. MSF is also working with patients from Syria who have fled to Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq. In recent weeks and months, controls on refugees seeking to enter Jordan and Lebanon have been tightened, increasing the difficulties of Syrians wishing to flee the country. A full MSF Report SYRIA CRISIS FACT SHEET IS AVAILABLE here  
MSF Ebola Appeal
MEDECINES SANS FRONTIER EBOLA APPEAL http://www.msf.org.uk MSF’s West Africa Ebola response started in March 2014 and now counts activities in three countries: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. MSF currently employs 240 international and around 2,770 locally hired staff in the region. The organisation operates six Ebola management centres, providing a total of 549 hospital beds in isolation. Since the beginning of the outbreak, MSF teams have been at the forefront of the response. We have admitted more than 4,200 patients, among whom more them 2,400 were confirmed cased of Ebola, and more than 900 have survived. More than 673 tonnes of supplies have been shipped to the affected countries since March (This information changes daily - MSF have now reached 1000 survivors Oct 27th 2014) www.msf.org.uk
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